Two Lines a Lie

by Jenn Hart

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This is my first poem dealing with abortion, I'm building myself up.


It’s not like it is on TV
there’s no sudden sick scenes
before and at the sight of breakfast
it’s more like a slow cooked fear

You spend up to six weeks in
a strange state of panicky denial
It only takes a minute to think about it
seriously before it starts to set in,
it’s like a fight resting on your chest
and it feels better to pretend
it’s not happening so
you need all the bravery you can get

But you do it -
you go out
you buy a test
you take it home
and you piss on it

You wait those famous three minutes
even though you already know

that you’re fucked.


released December 1, 2015




Jenn Hart Bristol, UK

Jenn Hart is the personal voice of defiance; unwavering and fearless -picking apart the stigmas of mental health, abuse, and being a girl in a band.

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